1. Reize

    Psa: Avoid Using Dhl When Shipping Your Online Purchases

    Hi guys, as you all know we as motorcyclists, or anyone for that matter, sometimes do shop online for stuff we really can't get in our vicinity. And as motorcyclists most of the stuff we order online tend to either be parts, or gear, and they may or may not be dutiable, depending on where you...
  2. Ironside

    Feedback Needed When One Camera Is Never Enough

    Especially for @R-Rated I even have some timelapse in there (becoming a superfan). What does everyone think of 'Tarmac Cam'?
  3. wheel-deal

    When Is The Next Dallas Meet?

    When is the next Dallas MotoVlogging meet in dallas. Giddy like a school boy
  4. illproducr

    Question On Topics When Motovlogging

    Do you guys have a preset topic to talk about when you hop on the bike or do you just freestyle? I tend to like to talk about my surroundings as things are easier to talk about rather than keeping to some sort of script. What is the best approach?
  5. SM26

    When Bikers Meet Murphy

    Hello! While waiting for the Sunny bear, I've started a new series of some sort It's called "When bikers meet Murphy" and in this series, each motovlogers tells a story about Murphy's law (what ever can go wrong, will go wrong) in relation to motorcycling and motovloging. The main difference...
  6. UrbanRidin

    Funny Anyone Else Feel This Way?

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