1. Superballs

    Funny Vfr Vlogging For Riders Ep 3 Trikes Vs Bikes Or Stop Saying Umm Already

    Hi guys, I'm happy...and dare I say relieved, to say I've finished the third installment in my vlog. I decided to poke a little bit of fun at myself in this one (not while recording but in post, I was trying to be somewhat serious in the vlog itself). A couple elements that seem really...
  2. SamBiker

    Sambiker Sharma

    Hello all. My first time in this site. I do some vlogging and post them on my YouTube channel and Instagram. The name is the same SamBiker Sharma, check it out if you get a chance.
  3. scooterwuf

    Is This The Next Step In Vlogging Formats?

    Gopro is working to release a 5.2k spherical camera, the Fusion, for virtual reality content, non-VR video, and even photos. https://gopro.com/news/Fusion-Pilot-Program It depends on the price, but I have to say it's pretty exciting to think about. - Wolf
  4. Captain

    General 2yrs Of Vlogging On Youtube

    Having reached another milestone on YouTube, this time 2yrs since I did my first 'talking' vlog. I took to the road with Ms Captain Slow on pillion to make a video...
  5. scooterwuf

    Things You Won’t Do While Vlogging

    On my way back from a trip to Canada I made the decision to turn my camera on and off while riding (yes, at highway speed). The decision was dangerous, but I found pulling off to the side of the freeway to -- Turn my camera on and off Change the battery Change the SD card was sometimes as...
  6. jthomas

    General Vlogging On The R3

    Back on the bike after 6 weeks, missed vlogging and riding my R3.
  7. Zedhead

    Hi From Bonnie Scotland

    Hi my name is Zedhead, I am a Motovlogger from Scotland. I have just joined the forum and am just having a wander about the content. I am part of a group of 6 vloggers from Scotland called 12wheelsaround our sole aim is to raise the profile of vlogging in Scotland , grow our channels and...
  8. jthomas

    General Vlogging On The Yamaha R3

    Vlogging on the R3.
  9. NotClever

    A Uk Vlogging Meet Up - Thoughts?!?!?!?!?

    So... In america they do several vlogging meets, where motovloggers and bike enthusiasts meet up, get loads of video done etc etc meet other vloggers, learn new information, establish potential duel vlogs and most of all find people who's already established communities could also be a fan of...
  10. NotClever

    Uk Vlogging Community Expose Your Self

    Hello all, So I'm new here and really looking forward to being an active member within this forum, what inspired me to join was the fact in america they're having huge motorvlog meetups and if possible i think we should arrange one for within the UK, help grow the community here :) Any...
  11. Captain

    Winter Vlogging

    Just wondered what you people's do regards your YouTube channel during the winter months? This will be my 4th Winter on 2 wheels. In the past due to the dark mornings and dark evenings it meant that my commute has been less than sparkling. So I tend to struggle to find time to make the vlogs on...
  12. JohnnyGrom

    General Vlogging While Riding Twisties

    I tried vlogging while riding twisties. It came out great. Cheack it out AND... SUBSCRIBE!!
  13. VlotoMog

    Ultimate Vlogging Setup? Sena 20s + Gopro

    What is up guys, I was wondering if any of you guys wired up your SENA to your GoPro. I am using normal eletret condensator mics which I feed into the right channel of my GoPro, and feed all of my SENA output to the left channel of my GoPro which means I get other people talking, music, phone...
  14. I

    Hey From Okanagan, Bc.

    Hey guys, Little intro, I'm Izo and relatively recently started motovlogging in the Okanagan area of BC, Canada. Had some teething issues blocking the wind from my mic and finally have it half-way fixed. Also have a chin curtain on the way to reduce it more. Early days and I'm always looking...
  15. Taz792

    Vlogging Come Christmas

    Ok, so Christmas is almost upon us and I was wondering if people do Christmas themed videos? If so, what do you do? How do you get right into the Christmas spirit? I was thinking I might do a vlog while doing light looking the night before Christmas, do you find these sort of vid's interesting...
  16. MsRandomnS

    Vlogging Through Horrible/low Moods?

    I'm sure that we all experience horrible moods sometimes. Some experience them much more frequently and longer than others. What do you do when you are going through this? Do you try to vlog through it? Do you give yourself time to cool off and feel a bit better? If you try to vlog through low...
  17. Highballer

    Joining A Network?

    Hey since there is a few big names on here i thought i would ask a question. Is it worth joining a youtube network?

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