1. humes

    YouTube uploading | What days and time do you upload and why ?

    I currently upload videos every Monday/Friday just due to my riding cadence (weekend rides post Monday, weekday rides post Friday). I have also been posting around noon, Eastern Time, in hopes of grabbing lunch viewership and let that continue to trickle into the evening. However, I posted...
  2. DB Moto

    YouTube in 4K - Safari might be lying to you

    Good morning, Thrill Seekers. I hope you're having a killer day, wherever you are in the world. I thought I'd share a little wisdom with you. I've recently started my channel on YouTube, and even though I've had prior uploads for non-vlogging purposes, this is my first run-in with 4K60p. I...
  3. Superballs

    Should We Upload To Youtube Precompressed Or Allow Youtube To Compress Video For Us?

    I've noticed that this question has been asked a lot. I've had a recent video that I just finished and decided that I would upload it twice, with two different bitrates, and we can try to objectively decide which is the better way. I have not had a chance to view and compare my video quality...
  4. Phaedrus

    How Do I Upload An Image With A Post?

    Do I have to reach a particular post count or something to be able to post an image with a post? Is there some other factor involved? I'm getting a problem message when I try.
  5. Canadiot

    When Should I Start Uploading Material?

    So I got my setup the way I want it, and I've started recording a whole bunch of material like channel and video intro's. My question is though, should I start posting as soon as I can, or should I wait until I have enough backup stuff to upload somewhat consistantly? I mean really I'm uploading...

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