1. dandoolittle

    Gsxr 1000 - 2k Miles - Uk - Switzerland And Back - Sore Ass

    So me and a few mates are doing this with @CBR-Pete Its quite a trek. Most of us barely ride more than a few hours a month on the roads these days because we mostly do tracks etc. Any tips? I've got cameras, 20 litre tail back, sat nav (phone) on the bars blah blah My main concern is a...
  2. Kradmelder

    General Some Switzerland Tour Footage

    Hi there, last Septmeber my mate and me went to a short trip down to Switzerland and made some nice footage. All spoken comments are in german though but I think you'll understand the most. English subtitles are in development. Please enjoy, more to come :) Would be nice to get some feedback...
  3. HippoDrone

    Europe On My Lil V7 Guzzi

    When I left the Royal Navy and having a job sorted with a bit of time spare in between I decided to bite the bullet and go do somit I'd wanted to do for years: A trip round Europe. I got the ferry from Dover to Calais then travelled through France to Switzerland, down to Italy then back through...
  4. Shifty

    General The Ofenpass Swiz

    Trying to get to Italy and took this lovely road.

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