1. R-Rated

    General Good reasons NOT to speed on backroads

    My favorite was the cop in the crosswalk out in the country...
  2. HippoDrone

    Bikes are safe......
  3. R-Rated

    General Watch Through The Safety Briefing

    See how the guys try to either look nonchalant or hit like a bird dog hunting...
  4. jthomas

    Guide How To Motovlog (safely)

    Tips for new motovloggers and for doing it safely.
  5. burlyjack

    Maybe It's All In My Head?

    Just a random rambling here. Maybe it's just me, but has anyone noticed that most blind-spot monitoring systems on cars rarely detect a motorcycle. I've noticed several times the warning light won't come on until my front tire is almost even with their front door, if it comes on at all. However...
  6. IronicRbnd

    Serious Motorcycle Safety

  7. BxPolymath

    Guide Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Basic Rider Course Day 2

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their first ever experience on a bike captured...I was one of those lucky few. Now i can look back and laugh at myself lol
  8. DRAY

    A Bit Fed Up. There Needs To Be A Balance.

    I've notice in the past few weeks there's been a lot of short videos themed with accidents. This annoys me and it perpetuates the negative side of riding. Not only that but it seems no matter where I look the danger of riding gets highlighted to the point of overkill(no pun intended) by the...
  9. Aleks

    What Is Your Opinions On High-visibility Jackets When Riding A Motorcycle?

    As some people already know, I am a noob. So I was wondering if it is necessary to wear a high-vis jacket when riding a motorcycle. Is it really that much safer? I usually only wear a high-vis jacket if its raining quite heavily, if its foggy or if its night time, but I rarely wear it on a clear...
  10. Aleks

    I Am A New Biker, What Is Some Good Advice For Me?

    So I am 16 and I am currently on a moped, I have only been riding for 7 months so I am obviously very inexperienced. I am just wondering if I could get some advice on anything that would help me out please? Safety tips, gear/bike essentials, etc. and I am very interested what everybody has to...

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