1. HippoDrone

    Serious Supergood Ride For Autism 2019 - Brighton to Loomies

    This isn't my video, but it was for a great cause & is a smashingly well put together video... @Phil480 was "Tail End Charlie" on the Ride for Autism, this is his vid:
  2. HippoDrone

    General Late Night Bike Nights

    We have a real feel of summer in the south of England at the moment and my local biker cafes are now running longer hours one night midweek to cater for our evening ride hydration and cake noms requirements.....
  3. HippoDrone

    General Beginning of Season Motovlogger and Subscriber Meet Up

    Details of a UK meet and a little rant about my KTM
  4. HippoDrone

    Review Not my video, but Phil480 is an awesome motovlogger and has great taste in other creators

    Really nicely put together shout out, proper cool that he has put his list together with a decent intro into those he featured.
  5. HippoDrone

    General Mr Fish's Eos Motovlogger Meetup

    Mr Fish organised an end of season motovlogger meet up, so I went along and met some awesome folks! :)

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