Funny My 7 Year Old Son Is A Better Motovlogger Than Me!

    Check this out... has my boy with the set up on the other day on his honda 50 and he did really well.
  2. 4CRA

    Old Pics Of Me And My Tiny Ninja 300, Kinda Miss Her.

    Great starter bike, actually looks like a 600 from certain angles lol.
  3. Captain

    Old Vlog Revisit

    Hey fellow Vloggers, Just been looking back through some of my early vlogs and was wondering about if I should revisit them and effectively create a new vlog on the same subject. As expected if anyone has followed my channel since the beginning then they will probably realise that I'm cheating...
  4. DansJaunts

    My Old Little Rocket

    You might ask yourself the question: "What is this even doing here?" And well I don't really know, you have all right to think that this is a bit of an odd one. Condition? Let's not talk about that. Fast? No not really. Comfortable? Somewhat. Fun? Heck yes! There aren't a lot remaining of this...
  5. Jamie

    New Old Guy From Upstate New York...

    After seeing you all motovlogging on YouTube, I can't help but give it a go...Went out and purchased a full face helmet to chin mount the GoPro and the helmet I ordered was the wrong size. So while trying to sell it I hooked the Gopro up on my vintage helmet and am going to use a mic that wraps...
  6. Shifty

    What Do You Like About Your Current Bike Compared To Your Old One?

    So you bought another bike, why is better than the old one you had, whats not so good?
  7. MrJoel

    Played With Some Black Reflective Vinyl And My Old Helmet

    gettin a video on how to do it once my hard drive cable comes in but here's without light hitting it, and with light
  8. RoadSprock

    Cleaning Out Old Motovlog Videos Like...

    Pro Tip: Please, please.. do not EVER do this. This video and content was done by a professional stunt-actress on a closed track kitchen using the latest safety technology.
  9. Raven

    Old Computer Gave Up The Ghost, New Incoming.

    Yep, my old computer, 2011 17" MacBook Pro with as many upgrades as one can put in, has given up the ghost. Last couple weeks, it has been painfully slow even watching videos, much less editing them. Boot times were well over a minute (from the 15 to 20 secs I was used to). I had upgraded to...

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