1. Frankie J

    My 2nd Post! Hello Everybody =)

    Hi! My name is Andrew and I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 9; I'm almost 22 now and am still going strong! I decided to join this forum in order to become a part of an online community I guess that shares topics with something I love, can't wait to start interacting with everyone!
  2. whingnut

    General My Music Is Now Oldies :(

    just words...... i have none for this.
  3. dandoolittle

    Marbro_za Is Now A Mod..don't Ask

    Marbro_za is now a mod of the whole board. He'll most likely cause havoc and be a pain the arse but he does good stuff for the site, I guess. He is now a mod of the site as thanks for helping out | guess
  4. Marbro_za

    General I Have A Ktm Now

  5. dandoolittle

    Site Update - Youtube And Twitter Icons Now Working On Profiles

    On this link you can insert your YouTube and Twitter accounts. The forum software will start to show icons that link to your YouTube and Twitter accounts, under your names and on your profile cards etc. I won't be showing links to Facebook for the...
  6. aphire

    I Know The Feeling Of Owning A Sexy Bike Now

    First bike and im loving it! Haven't found a name for her yet... 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS
  7. Mosin636

    Members Online Now???

    anyone see the "members online now" box to the right at the moment it says online Members: 4, guests:63, robots: 20.... Is this legit and what the fuck does 20 robots mean hahaha

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