new channel

  1. Don London

    New to the site!

    What's up People!? Im Don and just signed up to this site after seeing a number of other vloggers being on here. I have a channel which is growing slowly but have been creating videos for the last 18 months after I bought my first drone and having watched Case Neistat, Jesse Wellens, Peter...
  2. burlyjack

    New Channel Banner

    I tried creating this with an app that supposedly has a premade template for YouTube banners. This is what I made but it's still way too large cuts out like 90% of the photo. What are some other softwares or app (for free) that I can use? What are your thoughts on this, anything you'd change?
  3. Aulric 27

    General New Channel Trailer

    Youtube : Aulric27. (cant post link) Check me out!
  4. Baconbit

    Feedback Needed New Channel Intro

    So tell me what you think!
  5. Jay Moto

    General My New Channel

    Need to know what people think of my channle
  6. Carmo

    General New Channel Trailer - Metallica Version!

    G'day, The title says it all on this one. Let me know what you think of it! Enjoy!
  7. Tash

    C&c On New Channel Image

    So. I need to start giving my channel some kind of graphic content, so it looks more 'branded' and 'finished' I'd love to hear if you guys think it's simplicity works or not. I'm yet to make my channel art, outro graphics and I am still working on an intro, I still think the one I have in...
  8. Live Dirty

    Greetings From Washington!

    After looking around on the internet, I managed to stumble upon this awesome website and couldn't help but get involved! I've recently started up my own YouTube channel and would love some input from more experienced vloggers! As it stands, I'll be running the channel and the main contributor...