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  1. HippoDrone

    General Finally Got My New Bike! :-)

  2. mcpro

    Excited, Got New Bike Aprilia Tuono Factory

    Hi guys, picked up my new bike Friday past, petty the weather has been awful since, here she is
  3. Elke0602

    Feedback Needed Vlog Nr. 3! And My Bike Broke :(

    Hi everyone! Part 2 of my long-*ss vlog is up. Don't know if I will make a part 3, not much happening there. 2 weeks ago the chain came off my bike as it was too loose. Luckily, I wasn't driving very fast so there was no internal damage, I came to a stop right away. I did get really pissed...
  4. Baconbit

    General New Bike Walk-around

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

    General Melbourne Motoexpo 2016 Part 2

  6. BehindBars

    General New Bike Reveal

    It's 4 weeks late, but my new bike finally arrived! Was supposed to be delivered 4 weeks ago, but the shop has done me a huge favour really and changed a load of parts after the PDI: Chain and sprockets Headstock bearings New tyres F+R (Pirelli Diablo!!) Wheel bearings F+R brake pads Fork...
  7. Reize

    General My New Bike Reveal! Guess!

    Hint: It's a Sport bike
  8. JScrambler

    My New Bike!!

    I finally got the bike I wanted. A 1975 Honda CB750k5. She runs with minor defects. There are things that I have to fix, but that's to be expected on a 42 year old bike. I'm hoping to start vlogging soon, I'm still trying to get set up with vlogging gear.
  9. Brapbarian

    Wife's New Bike

    Last week we picked up a 2016 Honda CB300F for the wife. She likes it for how low it sits to the ground. I like it cause we got it from the dealership brand new for $2900 USD
  10. Captain

    General New Bike First Ride - R1

    First ride of my Yamaha R1. Only a short ride I'm afraid, just until I get to grips with it.
  11. Jgrinds

    New Bike To Get Next Year?

    Right now i have a kawi Ninja 500. Next year i really want to get a ninja zx600 what year should i get ? I want somthing from 2005 to 2008 . Opinions please!
  12. JonJeoprdy

    General New Bike Reveal

  13. SeeItWithSimon

    General I Think You'll Love This - New Bike Reveal

    Hey guys. Not a vlog as such but a creative piece for my new bike reveal that was released a few weeks back. It's too good not to share with you. Would love any feedback, comments, likes, shares or subs. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Dark Rider

    General New Bike Reveal! (finally)

    Finally after a long wait I made a video of my new bike. Feels good to be back :)
  15. Mosin636

    Rant What Happened To The R1 - First Look At New Bike

    In this motovlog i discuss what happened with the R1 that I posted a test ride video of. You also get the first glimpse of the new bike after retiring the 636 (may she rest and piece). AND whos that riding with us???

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