1. chrisw959

    General Should 50cc Mopeds Exist?

    A topic that isn't really spoken about but can lead to interesting discussions.
  2. F4celess

    Feedback Needed Flying Feels Pretty Awesome. Paragliding

    So for this weeks vlog I chose to reflect on me trying to literally fly using nothing but strings and a piece of cloth. Now what I want feedback on is mainly sound, and how urgent it is improve on what I already got. Currently I use a GoPro Hero 3 White. With a cheapo mic adapter and $2 mic...
  3. Aleks

    How Do You Run In An Engine Properly?

    I have recently put a Naraku 70cc kit on my (2 stroke) moped to get a bit more umph out of it but running it in is taking a while. So far I have done 100 miles and not gone above 1/4 throttle or 30mph, and I have been premixing the petrol with quite a bit of oil because the oil pump packed in...
  4. F4celess

    General The Quest For A Pen.

    I embark on a mission to find a pen, but there was an unexpected turn of events as the truth about the art store is revealed to me. First vlog I'm remotely happy with. So I'm very open to feedback and tips.
  5. Aleks

    Help! My Moped Is Acting Up Again...

    I was riding my moped the other day but then it bogged down and wouldn't rev, and it sounded bubbly when it was idling. So I took the carb off and gave it a good clean, put it back on and it had the exact same problem. I then swapped the carb from another bike I had laying around, (same bike for...

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