1. kryten

    Motovloggers Who Ask For Money To Pay For Their Own Screw Ups...

    I'm a bit of a jerk as anyone that has seen my channel can confirm. I've been away from motovlogging for a while and I came back to see Yammie Noob asking for donations to help him pay for recovery after an accident that was entirely his fault. A few years ago I'm pretty sure ChaseOnTwoWheels...
  2. JoshAFJ

    Rant Yammie Noob Causes Wreck, Asks Subs For Money And Then Mocks The Situation

    WARNING This video has some strong language lol So we all know Yammie Noob got in yet another accident. It sucks and I feel for the guy. I was honestly not a fan of all the people that were coming out giving him shit and saying they wished he was hurt more, or even worse, died in the...
  3. Shadowfoot

    100 Sub Giveaway!!! Free Money & Stickers!!!

    I HAVE HIT 100 SUBS !!! I am so happy that this has happened so i have made this giveaway video for my fans... there is allot of stickers to giveaways and chances to win Visa gift cards...
  4. ChunksLife

    General Value For Money$$$$$$$

Winners Video

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