1. MiGlyRides

    General Off To Sydney! It's Been A While.

    Alreet! I'm finally back on a bike to do some decent Miles / K's only a quick one to Sydney & back in a month however I feel like I got more usable footage from this trip then I did out of my 10 day S.E Australia trip, hope you enjoy the start of my trip & I'd love some feedback & road...
  2. MiGlyRides

    Funny I Take My Grom & Myself Off Road For The First Time!

    Alreet! So this is my first off road experience & not to pat myself on my back but I think I was VERY good at it! Any Feedback / tips on Offroading would be GREAT!!
  3. MiGlyRides

    Tyre Paint - Opinions.

    Alreet, I've painted the letters on my tyres personally thing it looks quite good, I'm curious to what your opinions on tyre paint for colouring in the letters?
  4. MiGlyRides

    Sydney Meat Up!

    Alreet! After a few months on and off in Sydney with work without my bike, I've convinced my work to let me ride to Sydney for the month of August, so I'm up to ride with any of you / make dual vlogs etc. in or around Sydney. I have a meet up planned on Sunday 7th August (Link below) which is...
  5. MiGlyRides

    Funny Migly's Got His Grom!! Finally

    Alreet, Here's my video of my new GROM, I finally got it after 3 months of waiting!, I hope you enjoy my reaction to riding this beast of a bike for the first time, I sure did!!
  6. MiGlyRides

    Motorcycle Dealers - Level Of Customerservice.

    I have had a really good experience with my local Honda & BMW dealer with a few things, I'm after finding out what level of service everyone else tends to get, not just people overseas but in Ozzy land too, so here's a few examples of what I feel is the main reason why I keep going back, apart...
  7. MiGlyRides

    General Fatigue Triva Games.. I'm Bad Xd

    In Australia there's signs with questions on them then a few k's down the road there's another sign with an answer, I am bad at QLD trivia! Also BALLSACK!
  8. MiGlyRides

    General Raw Uncut Migly Right In Ya Face!

    So It's Wednesday another MiGly video! this time you get some Raw MiGly! like & subscribe if you enjoy it! and as always Feedback is always appreciated!
  9. MiGlyRides

    Introducing Migly - Gold Coast, Australia Motovlogger!

    G'day, Alreet Peeps! I'm Michael (MiGly) originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England and currently living in the Gold Coast, Australia. I put out new video's every Wednesday & occasional Sunday, a fan of top notch views, I like long rides & Touring as well as hitting some twisty mountain...
  10. MiGlyRides

    General Final Day Of S.e Aus Road Trip & Outro! Looking For Feedback.

    Alreet Peeps! I'd like to share my 1st video on here & would like some feedback on camera angle, audio quality, editing etc. This video is the last video from my South East Australia road trip, this series of video's are not the best for audio for 2 reasons, 1st bad mic placement and 2nd t's...

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