1. CodeNameAB

    General Rode On Passo Gavia In Italy Last Summer, Wanted To Show You All How Beautiful It Is!

    Here is something to watch for weekend ;) My longest video on youtube till date! :D Feel free to skip ahead but dont miss 14:30
  2. Arctic Pride

    Italy Via Moto?

    Looking for any recommendations for riding Italy 2up, will likely need to be with a tour group to help with logistics. I can sleep in the dirt but like a nice warm bed for the lady ;)
  3. HippoDrone

    Europe On My Lil V7 Guzzi

    When I left the Royal Navy and having a job sorted with a bit of time spare in between I decided to bite the bullet and go do somit I'd wanted to do for years: A trip round Europe. I got the ferry from Dover to Calais then travelled through France to Switzerland, down to Italy then back through...

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