harley davidson

  1. LoneWolfer

    Funny Dyna Build Series - Mockumentary Style!

    I like to make comical vlogs that are funny to me. They don't land for everyone, or even most people it seems. But I have had an idea floating around my head to do a mock build series as a goof on the amount of vlogs that are out there where people bolt on a new piece of farkle and call it a...
  2. LoneWolfer


    2x4 CHALLENGE! Nominate 2 motovloggers and tell us what the four most ridiculous, ludicrous, funny and outrages things you would do if you could go back in time? Looking forward to the creative lists all you fine folks come up with. RIDE HARD
  3. LoneWolfer

    Funny Feeling HOT HOT HOT! with R-Rated

    R-Rated asked what the temp pf my exhaust wrap was and here's my answer!
  4. LoneWolfer

    Wrapping Some Pipes on Michelle and Sora

    I didn't have a whole lot of spare time this past winter like previous years, so I've been packing in maintainance the past two weeks and this particular modification is looking pretty good to me! I decided to upgrade from the traditional exhaust wrap which is made from fiberglass to the Design...
  5. chrisw959

    Air Brushed Bikes

    A couple of high detailed air brush jobs on two fellow wallers bikes. Taken on the D3100 and edited in Phtoshop to make the details stand out
  6. scottrod

    General New Video live! Oil filter from HELL & my bank holiday weekend!

    Whats up guys! Newest video dropped! Enjoy :D P.S @lupin I gave you a shoutout hahaha
  7. LoneWolfer

    General Ghost Story Series

    With Halloween and the fall being perfectly suited for ghost stories and spooky tales, I have been working on a series of vlogs with that in mind. Here is the latest installment! Let me know what you think, and if you have any spooky stories of your own I would love to hear them or maybe even...
  8. R-Rated

    General Checking Out Cop Bikes And The Skills Course

    One of the Harley Owners Group rallies here in the US is just a couple of hours ride from my house. So my friend and I rode over to see what we might want to get into when things got going this weekend.
  9. ScootWook

    General Modding Out The Victory!

    Started to hook up my Vegas, exhaust and some forward controls! Loved the way they both came out, bike sounds and looks real nice!
  10. Baconbit

    General New Bike Walk-around

    Check it out and let me know what you think!
  11. AmpdMoto

    General Autonomous Vehicles

  12. LoneWolfer

    Exploring New England With A Camera For Now, Soon The World?

    Ahoy, my name is Jon and my rocket ship is a 2009 Harley Nightster named Michelle. I have a little over 63,000 miles on her. I first picked up my bike while living in Vegas and then moved back to Connecticut by way of riding Michelle from Vegas to New England. Best 8 days of my life. I run the...
  13. AmpdMoto

    General You Don't Know Me

  14. CodeNameAB

    General Riding With My Brother [part 1] | Harley Davidson Street 750 | Vlog + Pure Exhaust Note | India

    So a sportbiker rides a harley hehe It was just a short ride with my brother in India before flying back to Belgium. I blab about a lot of stuff and you also get some decent exhaust note to listen to. Hope you enjoy!
  15. R-Rated

    Review Harley Davidson's New Engine

    There maybe some of you that have seen reviews about or are thinking of getting one. Here is my take after spending some quality time with one:
  16. Sportster

    Feedback Needed Showing Off My Iron 883, Mods, And 1000 Subs Mod Challenge!!

    Hey guys! here's my sporty, In this video I do a walkthrough of my bike, I talk about the mods ive done to it and also the mods I am planning on doing to it in the near future let me know what yall think about the bike and also about videos like these!!
  17. ScootWook

    Review 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Ride And Review

    Hey everyone, been a minute since I posted something, vacation is really getting in the way of my motovlogging :P. Guys and girls, I bring to you a review and first ride of the crowning achievement of two wheeled technology. Truly a one of a kind experience which I will not forget. Watch me...
  18. R-Rated

    Review 50k Miles Review 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

    Some of you may be interested in how these big bikes hold up:
  19. AmpdMoto

    General Birth Of A Biker - Part 1

    Follow along as my brother learns to ride his first motorcycle.
  20. Seamus

    General Latest Mxl Seamus Video

    Uploads every Monday and Friday; Currently my longest video, is also part 1 of 2. Learning with every video that goes up, but any feedback, likes, comments or subscriptions will really help. Thanks guys!
  21. Lurch

    Harley Davidson Recall 27000 Bikes

    Thought I'd post this as there's a few on here who ride Harleys. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2016/july/harley-davidson-recalls-27000-bikes-clutch-problem/ 2016 models affected, list of bikes in the article.
  22. BxPolymath

    General Nyc | First Look At My New 2015 Harley Davidson Street Bob Fxdb

    Make sure to Check out my other videos
  23. Live Dirty

    Greetings From Washington!

    After looking around on the internet, I managed to stumble upon this awesome website and couldn't help but get involved! I've recently started up my own YouTube channel and would love some input from more experienced vloggers! As it stands, I'll be running the channel and the main contributor...
  24. HD2

    Hd Rider From La

    Hey hey, I've been at it now for about 6 months and have become completely engulfed into the spirit of Motovlogging. But I feel it has been hard for me to gain any ground due to the fact that I ride a Harley instead of a street bike. I have a small channel with around 9 videos up so far.. I...