1. LoneWolfer

    Funny Dyna Build Series - Mockumentary Style!

    I like to make comical vlogs that are funny to me. They don't land for everyone, or even most people it seems. But I have had an idea floating around my head to do a mock build series as a goof on the amount of vlogs that are out there where people bolt on a new piece of farkle and call it a...
  2. MotoGinji

    Funny Coming across people having sex in car? | MotoGinji |

    While trying to explain what the maeslantkering dike is and does, we came across people re-enacting the classic Titanic car scene... Good thing is that not 1 but 2 guys are busting nuts atleast. Maybe not in the same way but... Oh well... Enjoy!
  3. LoneWolfer

    Funny Feeling HOT HOT HOT! with R-Rated

    R-Rated asked what the temp pf my exhaust wrap was and here's my answer!
  4. R-Rated

    Feedback Needed Possible intro for 2019

    So I am thinking the captures the baddest of bad Harley riding persona
  5. LoneWolfer

    Funny Gas, Gas, Planet of Gas! #MOTOPUMPING

    So, I got a little squirrelly while getting gas a few days ago and R-Rated came to me with an idea for a challenge off the vlog I made. Here's the impetus for his work on the #motopumping challenge! And I hope that some of you might jump on board and get a little kooky along with us!
  6. Elke0602

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone! I hadn't posted a video in 4 weeks I guess? Partly because I took a well needed vacation. I have a lot more raw material then I would expect to have so soon after starting my vlogging. There's just not a lot happening... I finally ordered a mic! So pretty soon I can bore you all...
  7. R-Rated

    Funny Teasing The Audience

    I have a promo video scheduled next month so I decided to try teasing it first
  8. ScootWook

    Funny Guess Who Produced A Song...this Guy!

    Tragic accidents turned into beautiful lyrics...about your mom. Gotta love that autotune!!!!
  9. burlyjack

    Funny Google Street Car Caught Me Peeing

    It made two passes, the first time it caught me peeing and the second time I was standing under the bridge. Thankfully they use the second picture! :cool:
  10. TGLambino

    Funny Mac Showers | Motovlog #36

  11. Scootnfool

    Funny Scooter Dawg

    i ride with my dog. It's kinda my shtick. I've got a bunch of vids with her, but this is my latest and my favorite.
  12. ScootWook

    Funny Stop Smoking Now! Be A Vape Bro!

    I wish I had never started smoking all of those years ago, all of that wasted money could have probably gone towards something awesome like a brand new motorcycle, or a time machine....if I had a time machine I'd travel back to when I stole a cigarette from my dad, and punch my 18 year old self...
  13. BehindBars

    General Bad Drivers And Funny Encounters

    Had fun editing this one :D
  14. TGLambino

    Funny Wows And Woes | Motovlog #32

  15. ScootWook

    Funny Bangin Wheelies In A Garage, Thoughts On Beginner Bikes.

    What up everyone?! Been a while since posting, been hard at work making new and improved content for my channel . Check out my latest where I explain the fine art of doing wheelies in confined spaces, and share my thoughts about beginner bikes. As always Like, comment and subscribe if you want...
  16. RangerRide

    Funny Redneck Ranger Ep1 Must Watch

    im super proud of this video idk why i just am so go like and comment if you enjoyed
  17. Chcknstrps

    Funny Splash! Posting This Just For Laughs

    This was just hilarious to me, so I decided to share it here :')
  18. willph

    Traffic Games / Shenanigans

    My latest motovlog :) Lane filtering or splitting is NOT legal here, so we have to sit in traffic heating our balls and vaginas up.
  19. VengefulV

    Funny Riding With A Cicada

    Had a fun ride the other day riding 2 up with a Cicada. I named him Bob. Check it out
  20. NS.YT

    Funny That One Time I Had My Own Mafia...

    I ran things pretty gangster when I was coming up. Sit back kiddies while I tell you a story of how I created a crime ring!!!!
  21. NS.YT

    Funny The Great Bathroom Dilemma Of 2016

    I'm going to tell you where to pee and poo..And more importantly...Why you shouldn't care.
  22. DsiMoToMan

    Hello From India

    Hey guys I'm from India and to be honest I just want to show the world how unique and bat shit crazy we Indians are with a dose of humor. Do checkout my channel guys if you're ever in the mood for something crazy and never seen or heard of before.
  23. HD2

    Hd Rider From La

    Hey hey, I've been at it now for about 6 months and have become completely engulfed into the spirit of Motovlogging. But I feel it has been hard for me to gain any ground due to the fact that I ride a Harley instead of a street bike. I have a small channel with around 9 videos up so far.. I...
  24. lupin

    Funny Will He Poop?

    Its a age old question, can you ride a motorcycle and hold onto a poop?
  25. b9y

    General The Day I Went Hunting For Giant Abandoned Tunnels.

    Clawing my virginity back, one ride at a time.
  26. b9y

    Funny My Ultimate Local Driving Roads.

    Hi guys! Just me rambling on as usual, but this time I'm in search of cool roads and commenting on things I see on the way. Any feedback appreciated and tips relating to travelling abroad on your bike! :)
  27. b9y

    Funny How To Destroy A Company - Using Paper.

    Went for a ride around Cardiff, and had to dissolve a company.

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