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    Fall Vibes (Eagle Rock Reservation, NJ)

  2. ADX

    Bzzzzzz... night views! (NY Scenery)

    Had to sneak into the malls parking lot to take this shot. Then the rest were less illegal lol
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    Everyone's worst nightmare is.....

    I didnt know know where to post but just wanted to let everyone know.... I lost good footage of a trip i took up north!! =(((((. The SD card said i needed to format it...... I paid a recovery tool and i retrieved the files but... it didnt work!!!! I suggest everyone to always export all your...
  4. ADX

    Bear Mountain Trip (Northern NJ)

    Went up north to go see some views and curves with my buddy. The weird thing is that my friend ended up getting strung by a bee but I didnt.. I wonder why, lol.
  5. ADX

    A bee by the pier. View of NY.

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