1. M

    Over Complicated Things For Myself

    OK lads, I have been 1 week in trying to record a video that I am willing to post. I have had trouble. I have external Audio, and I used 1 helmet GP, 1 Fairing rear facing GP, and Use my phone for Off Bike walk around stuff. I start the audio when I leave my house, and its like 15 minutes in...
  2. MotoNordic

    Editing Work Flow

    MotoVlogers what’s up!? So I’m interested in knowing what your current workflow look like while editing your vlogs? How has it changed since you started out? I usually go this route: (Editing in Final Cut Pro) 1. Import video- and audio files to a dedicated folder for that particular vlog on...
  3. M

    Am I doing the wrong frame rate?

    Hey all, So I am editing a video and it sort of just hit me that I may be doing the wrong framerate. So I jumped on here and it sounds like most people are shooting around 60fps, whereas I am shooting at 23.976 fps. This is what I have learned to shoot on for a more cinematic look. However, now...
  4. Phaedrus

    Feedback Needed My First Attempt At Editing Something...

    Not looking for subscriptions - just giving an idea some air time... I'm not overly keen to follow norms or formulas. :)
  5. MotoCafe

    Free Editing Program - Avid Media Composer First

    Avid Media Composer has been the professional standard for decades, but up until recently has been priced WAY out of reach of the hobby editor. But as luck would have it, Avid recently released a FREE version of their software called Media Composer First, and it's not a trial version either...
  6. R-Rated

    Feedback Needed Trying Out Some Editing Style

    I tried a split screen effect on the more narrow road and then abjusted the playback speed once we are on the bridge. Neat part about the bridge was the audio stayed same speed. Also, I you listening through headphones, you can hear the folks talking on the bridge pretty good considering the mic...
  7. L

    My Editing Influance.

    I love Max Wrist's editing style (though I'm not looking to ride like him (talented as he is)but how he edits his view changes, use of slow-mo, and almost Matrix style edits). Some of these techniques would incorporate well with my "theme" (for lack of a better word). I'm wanting to learn some...
  8. Matt Leech

    Captions Or Voice Over?

    For a while on our youtube channel I'd been adding interesting captions and animations to provide thoughts and additional information to vlog posts. However, just recently I had a go a doing a voice over instead, and immediately thought "Ugh! This is so much quicker!". So other than maybe a...
  9. RealSteveB

    Cheap Small Laptop/tablet

    I'm going to Disney in October for my wedding, no motovlog there but plenty of videos for vlogs. We'd like to upload a nightly video while we're there. Can anyone recommend a small cheap laptop/tablet that can run a basic editing program? I use powerdirector on my pc, not sure of it could...
  10. N

    Editing Programs To Get Started?

    Looking for a good, easy to use, do-it-all, cheap (or free) app/program to download on my new Dell Windows 10 laptop. Right now I only need a program for some basic editing features: trim out parts of a video, put music in videos, put pictures/memes in videos, zoom in/out of parts of a video...
  11. Lazyman

    Found A Sweet Editing App

    Hey all, my computer is being stupid so I was desperate to find something that worked at least a little bit like Sony Vegas. Long story short I found an app called Power Director. It allowed me to piece 2 videos together and add music, photos, crop music to work with the photo. All in all it...
  12. dandoolittle

    Image Editing For Free - With Image Sources

    I don't really edit images as I have a couple of designers if I ever need them. However, I thought I'd jot down a couple of free ways to gain better graphics, without owning software - Kets face it, some of you are in budgets and for most, it's a hobby! For editing photos, you have a few...
  13. burlyjack

    It Gets Old

    Do you ever spend so much time on editing a video that by the time you're done with it, you're tired of seeing it? I've spent the majority of the day editing my first episode of a bike restoration. I had to end up going through about two hours of footage, decide what was good, what was bad...
  14. R-Rated

    Humor - Editing With Two Cameras Not Synced Is Tricky

    You really need to be careful or this can happen . . .
  15. BlakShadow

    Raising An Editing Pc From The Dead?

    I'm sick and tired of Adobe Premiere Elements crashing constantly on my laptop. I have to shut down all other apps to make it even remotely reliable, and even then it takes forever to do anything, especially render. I have an older desktop (Dell Inspiron 546) that I haven't used in a couple of...
  16. C

    Mic Setup & Editing Software

    Hi all, just need abit of advice on how to create a decent quality and reliable mic setup. I'm new to this but my current set up is as follows: Drift Stealth 2 camera Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet I think I'm going to have to have an external mic system which won't like into the camera, but can...
  17. OhioRider

    Video Editing Pc ??? Whats Yours ?

    I wanted to switch to apple . Till I came across this ? What are your thoughts ???? Think it will handle editing well ? http://amzn.to/2eMlv62
  18. Frootiboot

    Help! I Can't Get Good Youtube Quality!

    Alright man, I just got my first action camera and I'm getting seriously demotivated already. The camera that I am using is a Vikeepro 4k Action Camera. It is not a real GoPro, but the camera is not the problem. The videos themselves are recorded in 1080p 60fps, and they look absolutely stunning...
  19. Xconti

    Software Editing Voice

    Hello guys and girls. Does anyone know any free software for editing voices? Like distorting the sound? Ty all
  20. Dark Rider

    Basic Editing Tips Using Adobe After Effects

    Hey guys, Thought I'd share my editing tips with you guys that are using After Effects or similar editing programs. This is just how I do my videos. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer as best I can. :)
  21. 3xTread

    Video Editing Tips And Programs

    Looking to get a general idea of what would be some great programs to use any recommendations?
  22. BuckoVS

    Blender For Editing Videos......

    Hi guys, I am just starting with the whole vlog thing, so currently I am building up some footage which whilst the weather is pants isn't the easiest. Soooooooo I thought I would look around at what ways everyone edits all the Motovlogs that they do, I shall be using a piece of free software...
  23. Hoodie

    Gopro Hero4 Black Render Workflow

    Hi community! I was wondering what your workflow is looking like when using your GoPro HERO 4.(and specifically when using a Mac) I am looking for the best settings when rendering to preserve best quality, highest resolution and buttery smooth 60fps to upload it to YouTube. I see some of the...
  24. RiderInRed

    Need Help With Editing Of Vfx?

    Hey guys, so I'm actually a professional producer who has a video studio. I'm happy to give some advice on editing or vfx. If you need something more, i'm happy to discuss it too. Here's my website at http://www.vms-studio.com and you can check the portfolio to see if you like anything there...
  25. Merlin

    General My Editing Experiment

    Hey guys Experimenting with my editing style. Let me know what you think. Enjoy Merlin
  26. dandoolittle

    Intros Are Allowed Here - Only Intros

    Intros Are allowed here - ONLY intros! You take the piss and it gets deleted, its as simple as that! Rules - Advice on your intros etc ARE allowed here! Intro - Advice on them are allow (being pretty clear) No more than 20 second videos Vlogs will be deleted Do NOT moan if people think its...
  27. hank

    Audio Clicking In Video Edit Powerdirector

    So, I'm new to motovlogging but not completely new to editing. I'm having problems in my first edit attempts with a 'clicking sound' between videos in my timeline. back in my audio recording days this would be caused by an audio clip starting in the middle/peak of the sound wave. The solution...

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