1. HippoDrone

    General Wisley's Abandoned Ww2 Airfield

    Although in the video I state it isn't from WW2, it does date back to then but was a grass airstrip originally and then the concrete runway was put down in the 1950's
  2. HippoDrone

    General I'm A Flatfish Merman! :-)

    I took a twiddly jaunt down to the south coast looking for food....
  3. HippoDrone

    I Went Out Exploring Hurricane Brian On My Ktm...

    Was proper awesome out in the wind on the beach! :) Will be uploading the vlog to YouTube tomorrow :)
  4. HippoDrone

    Review 2017 Ktm 390 Duke - Ride By Noise Test

    With original silencer and with the Leo Vince Pro Racer slip on exhaust and de-cat pipe.
  5. HippoDrone

    Review 2017 Ktm 390 Duke

    My first impressions on my first proper ride of the 2017 KTM 390 Duke:
  6. HippoDrone

    General My New Bike....

  7. HippoDrone

    Anglesey Coastal Trackday: Ktm Duke 390

    I was supposed to be on this but the ride up and home after put me off due to the predicted storms. I shoved my cameras on my mates bike and have put together some of the footage from the day and added a partial commentary too.
  8. HippoDrone

    Ktm 790 Duke

    Hey all, can you please post any info you have including videos etc (if allowed) on the KTM 790 Duke in this thread as you hear it. I really really really want one if it is even 80% close to the prototype bike in the promo vids. I WANT THIS BLOOMIN BIKE!!! :D
  9. LaneSplitr

    General I Bought A Ktm 690 Duke

    And now for the reveal of my top secret... oh wait... my title. Anyway I sold my Bonneville and bought something orange.
  10. Dark Rider

    Guide Ktm 990 Super Duke Test Ride And Pillion Experience

    I got a lift on the back of FixITwithC4's 1290 Super Duke R as I have no bike and whats a better sight than 2 men on bike.... :P
  11. IronicRbnd

    Review Ktm Duke390

  12. Haiqel

    Review Calling All Ktm Duke 125/200/390 Owners!

    A short review of the aftermarket SPAL fan for the KTM Duke 390!
  13. Haiqel

    General Duke 390: Forky Adventures

    Had the misfortune of leaking fork oil seals on both front forks, which is both sad and depressing. This was an opportunity to test out the new Roam3, along with a new camera angle.
  14. BurntRuber

    Funny My Friend Just Got A Duke 690 And My Anger Is Released

    so we went on a ride with me on my drz400sm and my friends new duke 690. some guy swerves at me when i pass him so i give him a little taste of my anger.
  15. SevenCube

    Friend Got A Duke 390 + Black Mamba

    Friend got a new Duke 390, his first bike. :D And I got to meet Black Mamba in India. @Bla ckMamba XD
  16. chix

    General Camera Giveaway, Duke Tuning, Grom Cross Country Ride

    I think I figured out how I want to do the giveaway, plus some other ramblings about what I've been up to and what is on the horizon.
  17. Haiqel

    General A New Addition In The Family

    A quick ride and first look at the new Duke 390! Currently looking at all the possible mods to start with. Need your opinions on which mods should I aim for first. :D
  18. Haiqel

    Getting A Ktm Duke 390...

    Hello Gents! Just got off from viewing a 2013 Duke 390. It has 9000+km on it. I wanna hear some of your tips/opinions with regards to the mentioned orange machine. Very excited here, however I need some of your help to cool down some of my horses! :D If you do own a Duke, be it...
  19. A

    New Motovlogger From India

    Hi riders I'm ak1991 from Pune, Maharashtra, India I'm student of mechanical engineering. I love bikes, have ridden 120,000 kms (approx). I ride KTM Duke 200, using GoPro Hero 3. I started recording videos firstly for safety. I often ride solo. (In our country people always blame bikers if...

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