1. WheelyPerd

    Sold my Hypermotard, got a Tiger 800 xcx

    I finally sold my Ducati Hypermotard 939 and bought a Triumph Tiger 800 xcx. I've always enjoyed the Hypermotard, but it was too unbearable on long rides (even 30 mins). I also stay in the middle of nowhere with a gravel road, potholes, etc, so the Hyper was just being damaged. If anyone has...
  2. R-Rated

    Review XDiavel - musclebike unlike any other?

    I have drooled over the looks of the Diavels. When rumors that H-D was trying to buy Ducati, I was hopeful. When H-D killed the V-Rod, this was the bike I saw as a possible close match. So was I wrong or is a hot Italian mistress something I need to hold off on getting just yet...
  3. WheelyPerd

    Ducati Day At Kyalami Gp

    Had a absolute blast around the track withe other Ducati's. Most people seemed new to track riding / riding so they were taking it easy, not that I'm an expert or experienced in track. Any feedback on the editing / sound / content / anything is appreciated!
  4. HippoDrone

    General Update On My V7 With A Blat On My Ducati!

    Sorry about the crappy audio, I am gonna switch to using a separate audio recorder I think as the GoPro is trash for audio
  5. WheelyPerd

    Ducati Hypermotard Travels

    Hi everyone Been lurking around here for a while, finally speaking up. I ride a Ducati Hypermotard 821 (recently upgraded to the Hypermotard 939) and try to capture only the greatest video and edit out as much of the boring fluff as possible. I try not complain about cars. I'm also from South...
  6. Frankie J

    Ducati Hypermotard Wheelie! Youtube's About To Get Lit!!

    Finally getting comfy with the balance point! Wheelies always make videos more entertaining in my opinion, I'm hyped let's gooo!
  7. HippoDrone

    General Twisted Iron's 4hr Custom Bike Build....

    Went over to catch up with some mates from the Midlands on my Ducati Sport Classic and to watch some rather talented chaps transform my mate Don's bike in just 4hrs! :)
  8. HippoDrone

    Rant Crashed Cars, Bike Reviews And Raf Headley Court

    Am a little disappointed with the video quality so my apologies about that! x
  9. Arctic Pride

    General Ducati Diaries: Ep1

    fixin up a ductard
  10. AltimKing

    Review Ducati Scrambler

    Hi All, I finally managed to go through some of the footage i took back in october. see video attached. Feedback is always appreciated. Altim
  11. willph

    Review Jumping On The Test Ride Bandwagon: Ducati Monster 1200r

    had the opportunity to finally go for some demo days this year. Usually my schedule sucks for this stuff. So....first demo ride....and its the fastest bike ive ever been on and I absolutely love it!
  12. Ton

    Funny Bringing The Sauce!

    Check out my latest upload. I aided in an Asian cuisine emergency!
  13. Impervium

    General Ducati Experience Tour 2016!

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/yb0nazis4UA I apologize for the short video. I was really excited to be test riding Ducati's so I forgot to vlog most of it. Definitely recommend this event if it's ever in your area!!
  14. willph

    General What It's Like To Own A Ducati

    Longer one at the request of a viewer/subscriber. I don't normally like to post the long ones, but I suppose the occasional longer one isn't so bad.
  15. Shifty

    What Do You Like About Your Current Bike Compared To Your Old One?

    So you bought another bike, why is better than the old one you had, whats not so good?
  16. SalvageSV

    Review Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle - First Ride

    I attended a Ducati demo day and took the Scrambler out for a ride. I really enjoyed it. In the video I cover some of the specifics of the Full Throttle version and some of the high points that stood out on my short ride.
  17. T

    Hi From Portugal

    Hi, My name is Tiago Graça and i live in Portugal. Last year i bought my dream bike, the Ducati Hypermotard SP 821. I'm tempted to try Moto Vlogging but for now my youtube channel only have my rides without speaking. =P My youtube channel name is "TiagoGraçaPlus". I have some cool photos...