brands hatch

  1. HippoDrone

    Brands Hatch GP

    The only clear session I had:
  2. EDcase

    Brands Hatch Track Day 5th Sep

    Anyone up for it? I know most are working but throwing it out there just in case... Probably starting in novice and see how it goes.
  3. EDcase

    Track Evening Brands Hatch 24th April

    I've booked an evening at Brands on Monday the 24th if anyone wants to come. It'll be my first so don't be shy. £75 4pm to 8pm Usually 3x20mins and 15min sessions. Must have full license, full zipable leathers and gold certified helmet. Full information here...
  4. dandoolittle

    So Now At Brands In Style

    So I'm at brands hatch ready for the morning. Clearly living the dream in my palace

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