1. HippoDrone

    Guide Jake TheGardenSnake's New Motovlogging Setup

    Jake has started using his GoPro Hero 5 Session as his main camera which was something I really wanted to do but the battery life was pants so was an idea I had to ditch. That would be until now, where he shows us how to give it a 20hr battery life! :O I'd really like to be able to get this...
  2. RiderInRed

    I Present You The Black Fury R1

    So recently I hada thread about jumping from 200cc to 1000cc. Long story short, I bit the bullet and this bad boy is in my garage already. I've gotten to ride it very little since it's already winter (luckily though I got snatch it off from the seller for a lower price due to this). What it...
  3. HippoDrone

    Guide Helmet Setup For Gopro Hero 5 & Hero 6 Black

    After my last audio improvement video I posted I was asked to do a helmetcam setup video so here it is:
  4. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black & Hero 5 Session External Mic Fix

    How to fix the one-touch record issue when running an external microphone....
  5. Shadowfoot

    General Angry Black Guy Part 2!

  6. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black Mic Positioning

    I have just received through the post one of those dead mouse furry mic covers so thought I'd do a sound test. Should really have done a back to back with how I had it before to see if there is an improvement or not and tbh the proof is in the pudding so need to test it on bike in the wind. I...
  7. MrJoel

    Black Reflective Dyi Vinyl Decal Kits

    Hey guys (and gals), Finally got the black reflective kits on line and they are amazon prime eligible now... Gotta feed the kids somehow as I go through school ;) Bright Night Black Reflective Vinyl Decal Kit (Black reflects white), 5"x30" (1pc))...
  8. AdydasNZ

    Go Pro Hero 5 Black - Usb C To 3.5mm & Sena Compatibility?

    Anyone yet confirmed if the Bluetooth from the GoPro Hero 5 black can connect and share audio to the camera via the SENA? Alternatively anyone tried the cheaper deal extra USB C type to 3.5mm jack $2.99 jobbies with success? See image..
  9. LaneSplitr

    Gopro Hero 3 Black And 3+ Silver - Two Camera Bundle W/ Accessories

    I currently have this bundle listed on eBay, but I'd be happy to deal outside of eBay to avoid fees. Got a new GoPro setup that isn't compatible with the Hero3 ecosystem. Looking for $400 for everything. Located in West Los Angeles area. eBay item number: 172394989061 Description: Selling...
  10. Ghaniba

    So I Picked Up A Hero5 Black The Day They Released...

    I had been waiting for the new generation to come out, having used my ol' trusty Hero2+ for ages now. A couple weeks prior to the release day of Oct 2 I saw the announcement on youtube of all places. I figured I would go get it that next day! Turned out, it was not released until the 2nd, but...
  11. K

    Gopro Hero 5 Black And Sena

    Hey all, Anyone tried to get the Hero 5 to work with their sena? Don't really want to use an external mic setup and would like to get intercom functions recorded as well. Let me know if you have any ideas, sena said the audio pack won't work on the 5 currently and nothing in the pipeline...
  12. F4celess

    Rant My Beef With Used Bikes.

    From what I can see, nearly half of all bikes that is not a cruiser/chopper or dirtbike/sumo on the used bikes market is on the grayscale. So annoying to me personally. I'd appreciate all constructive criticism. It was a bit of a rush to make my sunday deadline with this one but I think its...
  13. Hoodie

    Gopro Hero4 Black Render Workflow

    Hi community! I was wondering what your workflow is looking like when using your GoPro HERO 4.(and specifically when using a Mac) I am looking for the best settings when rendering to preserve best quality, highest resolution and buttery smooth 60fps to upload it to YouTube. I see some of the...
  14. MrJoel

    Played With Some Black Reflective Vinyl And My Old Helmet

    gettin a video on how to do it once my hard drive cable comes in but here's without light hitting it, and with light

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