1. HYF

    Best Winter Textiles (trousers) (pants For You Americans)

    so i am in the market for getting some new winter textile bottoms, i have a wolf outlaw jacket which is brilliant, i was thinking about getting the matching bottoms so i can look really cool :P what do you wear/ recommend ??
  2. HippoDrone

    General Roads To Remember

    I went on an adventure, travelled 500+ miles round trip in a day just to ride this short road and have some nosh at the Smugglers Rest in Talland Bay! :-)
  3. BlackPearl

    Contour Roam 3 The Best 100ish Motovlogging Camera?

    that I haven't seen many people mention? Maybe there's a reason but don't tell me it's the mic :P I am planning on buying a sony mic and having a budget-ish sound recorder gotta find one. The Camera that I have been looking into that I am seeing nothing but amazing things on is the Contour Roam...
  4. CodeNameAB

    Guide Best Way To Warm Up Your Motorcycle Tyres

    Contrary to popular opinion, zig zagging on your motorcycle doesnt generate much heat on your tyres unlike in the case of a car where it indeed helps. So accelerating and braking is the best way. You can read more about it here
  5. Yamalash

    Best Quality Post-production I've Seen

    Just saw this Meddes video earlier and man.. How do you get footage to look this good?? I searched on here and followed a few Protune guide threads and nothing comes close. I shoot in 1080p ~30fps on a Hero4 Silver. I know some clips are from drone shots but the Gopro ones just look so nice. Not...
  6. CodeNameAB

    General The Best Placement For Zoom H1?

    After quite some trial and error I think this is the best one till date, you be the judge! Sometimes you hear "eeeee" sound, which is mostly coming from the chain. I think its kinda cool, like a turbo spool :D Thanks to RJ for this idea! Zoom H1 settings Auto Level - Off Input Level - 10...
  7. AltimKing

    Whats The Best Superbike Of The Last 10 Years?

    I'm gonna go for the Panigale 1299. Whats your favorite?
  8. BehindBars

    Best Lid For Chin Mounted Gopro?

    So I'm in the market for a new lid, preferably with a better spot to properly mount a GoPro on the chin. My current helmet has quite a curve so I've had to botch it together with a spare piece of mounting tape. It's secure enough, but doesn't really inspire confidence that my shiny new camera...
  9. TriumfAnt

    Best Motovloggers With Less Than 1000 Subs

    Do you follow a motovlogger with less than 1000 subs who you think deserves more support? If so, add their channel link below so the rest of us can check them out. I'll start us off. Not only is Soopabee a great vlogger, but I've met him a couple of times and he's just as nice in real life as...
  10. Joshjay2

    Using You Tube Editor#noobs Best Friend

    For us noobs this seems great I'm working on my first video and after maney issues with other free programs this one seems like the best place to start and you already own it cause it's you tube, anyone one have any luck using this you tube editor ? I know it doesn't do what the bigger programs...
  11. Mach1 Aus

    Funny Just The Best Bits...

    Watch some of the best bits from Mach1 Aussie's adventures in and around Perth, Australia in the last year. I am a Perth Motovlogger who just likes to go out on my Kawasaki Ninja 250r and video some of my adventures. I'm not so fussed about subscribers for my channel, I just like sharing my...
  12. Senpai

    Best 600cc Sport Bike In Your Opinion?

    Looking to upgrade from my 440 to a 600, just curious which one. I'm leaning towards the cbr600rr but anyone have anything to say about other bikes? Thank You
  13. SwissMotard

    Guide Perfect Motovlogging Setup I put together a quick video about my setup that allows me to record engine audio and speech, along with multiple synchronised cameras and 4 hours of waterproof riding.

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