1. ScootWook

    Importance Of Catchy Channel Art And Profile Pictures

    Hey again everyone, seems like I am on a roll with the commenting all of a sudden. So, I recently decided to give the YouTube channel a good old fashioned make over to include revamping of my channel art and profile picture. I have limited artistic talent and experience with programs like...
  2. F4celess

    General Inktober

    Inktober is here, gonna draw something every day. Bonus, here is todays sketch, gonna record the creation of each drawing and compile them for the last vlog of october.
  3. TGLambino

    Funny New Everything! | Motovlog#28

  4. SalvageSV

    Channel Art Best Practices?

    Does anyone have any best practices to share for producing channel art? I'm not having much initial luck making something I'm happy with for all devices. See my current art here: I'm just not happy with it. I found the page on YouTube that gives suggestions and supplies device templates, so...
  5. F4celess

    General The Quest For A Pen.

    I embark on a mission to find a pen, but there was an unexpected turn of events as the truth about the art store is revealed to me. First vlog I'm remotely happy with. So I'm very open to feedback and tips.
  6. RangerRide


    hey i was wondering if any one would help me make a cover photo for my channel? and maybe some tips for my yt?
  7. dandoolittle

    Profile Covers - Like Youtube Or Facebook Are Now Allowed

    Now Live - Click to scroll DOWN I'm slowly bringing 'covers' onto the site - basically anyone who sees your profiles will see the same, or your 'chosen' art work (like FB or YouTube profiles) I'm having an issue getting it to work with the same YouTube dimensions as they have on covers/channel...

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