action camera

  1. B.Vation

    Who uses the TomTom Bandit camera?

    Hi all, Just wondered if any members are using the TomTom Bandit, it's now discontinued but they are still around. I like them because of the battery life, shape and weather proof ness (is that a word?).
  2. dandoolittle

    What Action Camera You Have, What Do You Want, What Did You Have?

    i think I can guess the answers but lets see what people are using, action camera wise Use this format please Main camera is Sena 10c. For me it's just easy to use everyday and practical for everyday use. Downside is that it's quite hard to switch between settings on the device and a...
  3. KruznW/Kev

    Ion Action Camera External Mic Problem

    So I recently bought an Ion Speed Pro 2nd generation because it has an external mic outlet. Due to the fact that its a 2.5mm jack and pretty much no one makes 2.5mm microphones I bought a 3.5mm mic with the drift hd 3.5mm -> 2.5mm adapter. PROBLEM - When I connect the mic to the camera the...