XLR phantom power to 3 volt plug in power for Lavaliere microphones


Feb 28, 2019
I ride a
2007 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200R Roadster
Hi all,

I’m working on getting better audio, so to that end have bought a Zoom H5 because of the detachable capsules as this then makes for a small recorder or audio interface. I thought I could plug small lavaliere mics into the XLR sockets on the bottom of the H5, one for the helmet and the other for the exhaust.
Problem - the XLR outputs have 0, 12, 24 or 48 volts phantom power but not plug in power which is typically 2-5 volts, nearly all of the less expensive lavaliere mics use plug in power.
So I have been searching for a solution and think I’ve found one :). Rode make an adaptor that converts an XLR to 3.5mm TRS female socket AND reduces phantom power from 12 - 48 volts down to plug in power 3 - 5 volts: It’s called the Rode VXLR+ power converter, link to data sheet http://cdn1.rode.com/vxlrplus_datasheet.pdf

Don’t confuse this with the VXLR as that is a straight converter. Hope that’s of some help. Chris

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