What do you get when you cross a photographer and a motorcyclist?

DB Moto

"Spirited" Supersport Motovlogger
Oct 23, 2019
Auckland, New Zealand
I ride a
2018 Yamaha R6
Nice! But can you even show that on the internet? We can see the bikes secret parts and everything! o_O
I had a quiet bike whisper to the gentle machine, and she found peace with it ;)

A vloggers dream
Meifesto, it's really inspiring to hear how much you admire my setup. I have so many aspirations and look-forwards that I forget to see how far I've come. Your dream is within reach, one way or another.
That Lancer :eek::eek::eek:
Oh, you like? My friend who helped me work on my bike will be pleased to hear that. I'm more than happy to link you media of their rides. They also have a Skyline and a 180.

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