Welcome to Sfrompemb


Jan 4, 2019
I ride a
Triumph Tiger 800 XCA (2016)
Hi @Sfrompemb,

Welcome to MotoVlog.com.
Where are you from? What do you ride? Say hello, what do you like? Why are you here?

Got a photo of your bike?
Thanks for the welcome :) So I'm a vlogger who goes under the name Shaunfrompemb (wouldnt let me have this as my user name though ha!)

I have had a Youtube channel for a while but only really been dabbling with how I use it. Also have a Facebook page and Instagram.... but again only really been playing around with it. This year I have decided to put more into it, create regular uploads on more of a schedule and take it a bit more serious.

Im a marketer from Pembrokeshire, living in Yorkshire. I started with my Youtube channel back in the day to start to understand the way channels worked etc for a better understanding for my clients, and just enjoy it so have continued with it from there.

Im here to learn more, make some new friends and if I can maybe even help people if I can with my limited knowledge...

I have been riding for just over 2 years with my full licence and currently have a Tiger 800 XCA... whcih I love...

SOOOOOO that me ... who are all of you?

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