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Feb 9, 2013
United Kingdom
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Hi @moto moto,

Welcome to MotoVlog.com.
Where are you from? What do you ride? Say hello, what do you like? Why are you here?

Got a photo of your bike?


moto moto

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Apr 30, 2019
I ride a
pulsar ls 135
Hello Dandoo,

Thank you for accepting and letting me join this group.

Im from Philippines, and in 12 years im going around southeast asia, until i came to Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Im Riding a Bajaj pulsar ls 135, (maybe i can take a photo later).

Hello to everybody. im glad that im here

Basically i like riding motorbike here in Cambodia and going each provinces and places.

I've search motovloggers in internet and this page came up, i really want to learn more about motovlogging. and enhance more my knowledge, need more advises aswell how to be better, as this is my hobby right now. Being just a hobby i wanted to be more better. I've been searching many times in internet it always lead me in this page. Hope i can gain more knowledge.

Thank you very much in advance..

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