Want MotoVlog to be a little quicker? (or any other website), try this


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Feb 9, 2013
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Want your browsing to be that little bit faster and more secure 1111 is where you need to be.

Some of you will know what DNS is. Some of you will even play in that space. If you want your access to motovlog to be that little bit faster and more private consider updating your DNS settings to - you won't regret it. Not just good for Motvlog access - great for the entire internet eco-system. Check out the latest result of the JV between cloudflare and APNIC here -

Yep I thought it was an April fool too - turns out it was all in the plan.!

I have bad internet in my house (live on a farm) but I've noticed websites to work a LOT quicker! I haven't tested upload yet
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