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G'day guys, long time member here since 2012, but this is my first post in many years!

If you've been around the motovlogging scene for a few years you may have heard of an annual event called Sync The Planet. It is an event started by motovlogger DocmanRides in Canada in 2013 as a cross Canadian virtual ride together where he and Ride Victoria rode at the same time from their own side of the country and each made a video of their ride.

Doc saw the opportunity here to make a difference in the world and the next year I was recruited and we took the event global, with riders from all across the world riding at exactly the same time, regardless of where they were in the world. From 3am on the West Coast of America to 10pm in New Zealand.

The event had hundreds of participants at its peak, but faded away with those of us organising it having other things in life that required our attention and then that Covid thing of course. A few of us revived the event this year and made a change to it, allowing more flexibility. Here is my video of my ride for this year's event. I'll be doing my best to bring the event back to life next year. Stay tuned to my channel and this website for next year's event.

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Hey Bill :)

It is great you are bringing it back, I think Adam bit off more than he could chew when he tried taking it over pre covid. Great that you are onboard with it again as I am sure you'll be able to kickstart it back into the big event it was becoming.
Moved to a better section for visibility, be ace if this event became a thing again!

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