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Venomous Duck

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Jul 24, 2011
I ride a
2005 Yamaha Road Star
I know I have a different forum name but I have officially adopted this name. AKA SuperDrake79

I am in the Tower Industry working for a leading competitor and manage Towers with in my orbit of a 400 mile radius.
My interests are very broad. I'm big into computers, electronics, working on anything automotive and currently interested in a new flyable type of hovercraft/boat. :D

Currently using a: Samsung 205TL and Kodak Mini -.- I have been eyeballing the Replay XD 1080 and will hint to the wife I want it for Xmas.

I am on twitter/SuperDrake79 and if you own a FZ6R, FZ6, FZ1, FZ8 or even an FZ16(Europe) check out my site and the sister sites, links available in the forum below left hand side. - Uno979 is my call sign as well as on Xbox Live.
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