Guide Speaking To The Man - A Quick Observational Guide


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Aug 4, 2016
Middle Tennessee USA
I ride a
2014 Harley Davidson (FLHTK) Ultra Limited
Writing as someone who worked in that line of business I met good cops and others that really had no business wearing the badge. I learned from being on the giving and receiving end on interacting with them how to read their body language a bit as well as listen to the tone of voice. Over the summer I met these two and we talked for about 20 minutes on camera.

I made annotations on how to approach and engage them. Unlike the car driving counterparts, a motor officer is probably more vulnerable on the job than a walking patrol.

For all these guys knew, my friend and I just got finished raising hell. I hope this helps the younger riders see two wheels transcends subgroups.

Plus I went with a click baity type of title just for giggles...


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