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Jan 2, 2017
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Those that have been here a while will be familiar, but those of you new to the site won't.

So what is's Sunny Bear Challenge:

The basics is there will be a challenge set for each of the letters in the words SUNNY BEAR and each challenge will start with that letter. There are other rules which will be posted up nearer the time, but for now I am wanting you all to come up with some challenges (they must be safe and legal).

It is a great way for us to get to know the newer members and by getting involved it could help your channels grow. Anyways, get your thinking hats on and post up some SUNNY BEAR challenge ideas. Here are last years challenges for a little inspiration, the challenge for "S" will always be the same:

S - Shoutout: Announce the Sunny Bear Challenge and, tell your viewers what this is all about.

U - Under: Go under a bridge or through a tunnel and without becoming a nuisance to others, let your bike sing.

N - Navigate: Go from one end of your city/town/village to the other. Just the highlights.

N - New: Who did you last subscribe to, and why?

Y - Yippee: What, besides motorcycling, can make you say "Yippee"?

B - Buy: What was your last investment for your bike and why?

E - Eat: Go Get some food, show us what you are into?

A - Art: Ride to three examples of street Art. Give their location. +1 if they can be confirmed on Google Street View.

R - Reflect: make a montage of your favorite bits from some of the other people's entries in the challenge and give a shoutout to each person that entered (even if they only made one video.
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Have Fun!
Aug 4, 2016
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S - Send a motovlog to someone dear to you. Friends or family.

U - Use hand signals for turns for a ride vs. electronic to see how lucky we have it. Will need a camera watching you do it.

N - Nod to the driver next to you while stopped at intersection after making eye contact. Extra point for each nod back.

N - Nickname. Tell us about a nickname or nicknames you had/have.

Y - Yodel your best yodeling song.

B - Bugs. Place a sticker on the center of your headlight and ride about sunset for no more than 10 miles. Stop and count the bugs on the sticker. Extra points for colorful remains.

E - Emulate one other participant in the Sunny Bear 2019 challenge style.

A - Advice. What was the most zen like motorcycle advice that you ever heard and does it ring true. Who told you and when?

R - Rationalize getting a new bike now. For those with significant others, extra point if the say ok or bean you with something. :p

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