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Jan 2, 2017
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Hey guys,
Motovlogging is a community and it massively relies on helping each other out. @dandoolittle has very kindly offered to promote any shoutout videos posted in the "Members Vlogs" section of the forum over in the "Best Vlogs and Videos" section. To stop this offer being abused we have to put some rules in place. So here they are:

  • The purpose of the video is the "shoutout", there should not be any other agenda to the video.
  • There should be some thought and effort put into the video; why should we check them out, what makes them stand out?
  • Try not to make them too long, 10min max unless there is good reason for it to be longer.
  • This is to promote smaller channels, so for now; only channels with below 1000 subscribers at the time of posting.
  • Only one video per person per month max can be promoted so choose wisely and you must also still fall under the rules to post it in the "Members Vlogs" section.
  • For the video to be considered for promotion, please use the "Shoutout" prefix for the video.
  • We will only promote videos that are posted in the "Members Vlogs" section, we will not promote off site videos.
  • Please mention in the video description on YouTube.

If the "Shoutout" prefix is used inappropriately then that user will no longer be eligible for any content promotion.
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