Set up for the Myk app, a Sena30K and a Hero7 sound and video on my helmet

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Mar 5, 2019
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Hey everybody!
I have a HJC modular helmet, a Sena 30K, a hero7, an iPhone XS Max (using the Myk app for iPhone).

Is there any way to record the audio on my Sena while the Hero records the video?
I have the app set for recording from a bluetooth headset but the mike for Hero7 has a ton of wind noise and I can't hear any of my audio.

What can I do short of setting up a Lavaliere mike?

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Aug 29, 2017
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If it you describing your set up how I think you are which is:
  • That you record audio from your Sena via Bluetooth to your phone.
  • That you record he video with the Hero 7.
Then its as simple as:
  1. Drop the video into your editing software.
  2. Drop the audio into you editing software.
  3. Sync the audio from the iPhone with the video.
  4. Start cutting and editing the video. But once you cut a section of the video cut the same section of audio.
  5. Check that the audio and video are still synced.
  6. Mute or turn down the volume of the Hero 7's footage.
  7. Export & upload.
Of course the simplest thing to do is to buy the GoPro audio adapter and a lavaliere micro. This isn't the cheapest option since the adapter is £50 (£49.99 on GoPro's website (link here)) plus the cost of the mic and its a bit fiddly to setup with running cables etc. But it will mean that all your audio and video is synced up and you will just drop your video footage in the timeline and edit it that way. The footage and audio will constantly be synced since they were in the same file.

The other advantage is that the adapter allows you to run power to camera whilst it's recording. This could be achieved buy using a power bank. The limitation could then become how much space you have on you card. This is a different thing but worth mentioning.

On a negative front the adapter is bulky and has a short cable but there are videos on how people have mounted it to their helmets.
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