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Jun 25, 2018
I ride a
Thunderbird 350
I m maze, riding to Nepal in November need some help regarding to shoot my whole journey.
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Apr 2, 2018
Istanbul, Turkey
I ride a
KTM Duke 390
If you are interested in how to store that data, and keep it safe, here's what I do.
I have a mini laptop, a 2 TB storage unit, 2 batteries as backups and 7 pcs of 32 GB SDCards. As I record in 1080p at 50fps (as I use a Xiaomi Yi 4K) I have more than 5 hours to go without the need of charging the batteries and getting my SD cards full.
As a human being, I eventually stop somewhere to rest, and in 1 hour I have my batteries recharged, and files transferred on to the laptop. I use a mini charger which gets 2 of the batteries ready, and this five hours takes more than 250 GBs of raw recorded files to transfer.
When I reach the destination, I simply eliminate the files which do not have any importance for editing, and the file archive becomes smaller, then I put them on the storage.
By this way, I could get a full week's recording ready when I return from the route.

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