Next video - reviewing my touring luggage

City Bob

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Jun 30, 2020
London, UK
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Triumph Sprint ST 1050
I thought as I can't ride at the moment I'd really struggle to make videos. But, whilst a Motovlog with riding in is obviously better, I've actually got some ideas to make some videos until the bikes fixed next week.

I think it's all in the implementation and how it's filmed. Next video im going to talk a bit more about my bike whilst with it in the carpark. I'll talk about it being a Sports Tourer, and is it really 2 bikes in 1. (A Tourer and A Sports bike) I'll have it in standard form, then I'll put all my touring gear into it. Try to film it in an entertaining way. Introduce some darker music and new phase editing between shots.

I'm actually looking forward to making it. Didn't expect to be feeling excited and inspired by a non riding video. Just hope I can pull it off!!


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Jul 28, 2020
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I think you nailed it! Loved the interaction with your dog.
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