Newark to Thurso (John o groats) late 2014

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Mar 10, 2012
Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire
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Hi all

ive been wanting to do this trip for ages, (well ive always wanted to do thurso to Penzance but planning on doing it in 2 half's) so i have finally bit the bullet and plan on doing this.

This trip is 100% confirmed, (well unless i die or something really bad happens) i doubt anyone will join me but what's the harm in posting to see if anyone is interested.
So for starters the date is to be confirmed but it will be between June and September 2014 so plenty of time to save up, i have 2 rough plans so far but they are only for riding, i haven't made any plans yet for what i am going to do in the spare time i have, also neither plan involves camping so if you do decide to tag along and you want to camp to save money im sure someone can come up with some good camp sites.

So here are the 2 plans i have

Plan 1

Day 1 :- Set off from Newark early am and ride to Edinburgh, with fuel stops and smoke breaks on route stop overnight in a holiday inn hotel in Edinburgh.

Day 2 :- Ride to Inverness, i think this is about a 3 hour trip so have tons of time to make detours or get there and have a sightseeing trip.

Day 3 :- Ride up to thurso, have a look around ,go to the bird wildlife trust (the most northern point in Scotland), then john o groats to sign the book, then back to Inverness.

Day 4 :- Ride back to Edinburgh, again any detours or a sightseeing trip in Edinburgh.

Day 5 :- Ride back to Newark.

So thats a rough idea of plan 1, so plan 2 is mainly the same as above but instead of stopping in Edinburgh ,ride straight Newark to Inverness and same on return, it will mean i knock a day off the journey and wont be any sightseeing so im looking at going for plan 1.
An estimate of price in over £1000, but don't forget my GSX-R drinks fuel, plus i will be staying in fancy hotels, so yours could be alot less.
Anyway let me know if anyone is interested or if you just want to name some good places to visit on route then let me know, opinions are always welcome, from what ive seen the A9 between Inverness and thurso is an epic road with bends and loads of hairpins so anyway let me know what you think or if your up for joining me.

See you soon.

All the best.



May 16, 2013
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Suggest splitting it even more and taking more time - take scenic routes round the coast, and return through the Lake District.

Would love to join you, but I'm on a 125 and I would just about catch up when you've had a night's sleep and ready to move on again the next morning
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