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City Bob

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Jun 30, 2020
London, UK
I ride a
Triumph Sprint ST 1050
Hi all!

So, with the tech issues I've had recently with first my Her04 Blacks Mic, then getting the new Hero7 Blacks new mic to work (I ordered the adapter "brick" but forgot the plug needs to be a 2 (line?) rather than 3, so had to also have adapter for that)

All this meant, that I tried to film on 6 different occasions and was unsuccessful. This left me on a Monday with nothing to post. And Whilst I know its not imperative and my own advice is dont post junk just to get something up, I did want to put something up.

So with footage of fitting my new exhausts, I Was fully aware it would take me a good few days to sort through and edit this footage. So what to do? - This video I am proud of, because it went from Idea conception - planning - filming, refiling and editing to posting all in a day and I'm actually happy with the outcome, Its only just under 3 minutes long, but it doesn't need any more than that.

Its made me realize that whilst I still have as long way to go, I am a lot quicker at editing now and have come a long way in a few months and what I could achieve potentially in another few months. I am also starting to get more comfortable in front of a camera and realizing that It takes a few warm up reals to get relaxed and flow better.

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