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Nov 19, 2017
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Congrats to @R-Rated for getting this months Top Posters vid promotion. This is the video he would like to share:

We share the top postes vids on other social media as well as in the sidebar of so if you'd like your video promoted, why not join in on the discussions or even start some yourselves! :)
Nice work!


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Feb 24, 2019
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Guys & Gals,

Here's a little story about how I didn't take heed of a near miss and fell foul of the exact same scenario just two weeks later. There's a twist in the tale. Things could have turned out differently if it wasn't for my absent mindedness at the time. I quite possibly changed the course of Roadracing history!

Please note - even though I've lived in South Australia for 12 years, if you listen very closely you'll still hear a slight Yorkshire accent :D .... hope you can understand me ;).......
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