New jacket from Black Friday!


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Oct 29, 2015
I ride a
Husqvarna 701SM 2018
So after about 2-3 year with the same jacket
throw rain, mud, dirt, hail, few trees, and one to many crash on asphalt* at above 100 km/h....
I thought that maybe my poor jacket has been through enough

I used Black Friday and bought my self a new jacket!

*on the first three crashed, nothing happened to me or the jacket (minor scuffs, see the pics), but on the 4th, the zipper broke.

The old one: Spidi 4 season.
the new one: Spidi 4 season.

And why is that?
because this jacket IS THAT GOOD!

amazing protection, vented for the summer, and 2 inserts for the winter.
with it I'm never wet, never too cold and (almost) never too hot.
yes, it's a bit heavy
but it got the best protection and usability I could find.
Chest, back, shoulders and elbows.
it got a ton of pockets and storage options, and it's very adjustable

and after so many words... here are some photos
(click on the photo to see full size)
old vs new

I've transferred the back and chest protectors from the old to the new, so it cost even less!
and I've got the wind breaker and the quilted lining so now I have two sets!
to my surprise, they seemed to listen to customers feedback and changed it a bit, now it's a bit lighter and more vented!
Nice work Spidi <3

I thought about making a video about it
but I'll probably do one in Hebrew for my regular viewrs, so the least I could do is give you some photos :p

Late edit:
there were supposed to be more photos, I don't know why they are gone...
I'll re take them, so if anyone want's a more specific photo, just ask and I'll address it.
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