Serious New England Moose Hunt - Laconia Bike Week 2022


Remember to Have Fun! - Solar Bear 2020 Champion
Aug 4, 2016
Middle Tennessee USA
I ride a
2014 Harley Davidson (FLHTK) Ultra Limited
There will be a meeting of some of the greatest minds in Mototvlogging this year for the 99th Laconia Motorcycle Week.

So far on this moose hunt I have managed to bag two scoops of Wildflower Honey Ice Cream and a ton of miles on some really lovely roads plus a bonus of so much footage that I cannot manage to edit and participate in the hunt!

Best part is sitting in a dimly lit place named The Grotto. The place is packed with people at the bar. Our server is a lovely and charming geeky young lady. Then the conversation between three surely looking road weary bikers took an unexpected turn. Without warning a spirited conversation veered into Star Trek and the future of humanity.

I count myself lucky to have two great friends I made on this very forum. Without them I would rather silly talking to myself the whole time.o_O

Winners Video

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