My camera set up with a Drift HD170

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Dec 28, 2011
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The US can be a ball ache for camera setups, at the end of the day your camera is regarded as safety equipment internals, though they have the advantage of being discreet pose a greater risk to personal safety then a big ass camera glued to your bonse!

I beleive in that video the officer advised the rider that he cant have anything additional on his lid pertruding ( wahey! ) more then 2 inches ( awww :( ) so most setups i.e. Drifts would be ok, GO Pros might just cut it but the mounting on the Go Pro for the side of you lid is like scaffolding! so that might by why the rider was pulled over,, wither way he was allowed to leave with everything intact and continues to vlog with the same setup, cant remember the channel name though but like he said maybe the office was havving an off day or just had to get that 1 last person pulled over for the day?

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