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Aug 19, 2015
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I'm not sure about the policy of YT. However with regards to using music in your videos, does anyone know the policy about obtaining music licensing to play copyright material in your videos (such as a PPL or PRS license in the UK) as obtaining these would infact grant you the permission on behalf of the copyright holders to put their music in your videos?

Clint Love

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Jun 17, 2015
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I don't know about the UK but in the US, you need to contact the publisher and get a synchronization license to use a published song in your video. What they charge or whether they will grant a license at all depends upon who is publishing the music. For self-published artists, often times they will simply give you permission as long as you credit them, but you still have to ask and have something written, even if it's just an email, in case YouTube questions it or someone tries to report it.

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