Guide Motorcycle Filtering Tips Video Part 2


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Nov 17, 2020
I ride a
Yamaha FZ6
Hot off press is my latest riding tips video in a series on filtering (lane splitting) I've been putting together. More of an educational vid with (hopefully) some useful riding tips for those new to riding or with less experience in busy cities. Hope you like it!

As always, I really appreciate your constructive critique and feedback.

It's been put together from a load of old footage of interesting snippets I've collected over the years of riding in London. As such pictures quality is a bit variable as it covers 720p stuff off a RoadHawk and 1080p stuff off Drift Stealth 2 and Ghost X cameras. The Lego scenes were all shot at 4k on my Moto mobile phone but scaled down in post. For this vid, I'm now using a Blue Yeti microphone to improve the quality of my voice over and I've explicitly lowered backing tracks more than usual to make it stand out more.

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