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Moto Mengy

Motovlogger from PA, USA
Mar 23, 2020
I ride a
2018 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT
Time for a different kind of motovlog: Engine Sound Only with the Goldwing in Sport Mode, no talking at all! I do text popups though. A motorcycle ASMR ride so to speak.

I get a lot of compliments on how my motovlog setup captures the sound of the new Goldwing very well, and I've gotten several requests to make a motorcycle raw audio motovlog so viewers can hear what riding a 2018 Goldwing sounds like clearly. So here is my attempt at a "Schaaf" style motovlog (another motovlogger who makes motorcycle raw audio vids).

I'm curious to hear the feedback in the comments on this one, whether people like this format or not. It was surprisingly fun to edit up, I didn't expect that!

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