Melbourne TOYRUN Dec 8th

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Jul 26, 2013
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If you havent allready heard, Its on again!!

Im puttin the idea out their, for a Vlogger meetup+film, get it from LOTS of angles and directions to the Toy drop-off point.
Its now called the 'Melbourne Motorcycle & SCOOTER' toy run, is it me, or is that a hint to 'someone', to come down to Melb.??

Letme know, ill be leaving from either Ringwood meet or FTG 'Royal Hotel'.
Their are quite a few areas around with rides to the drop-off, from just outside Melb to State border rides in, so check for that if you live far. ALSO around Australia+WORLD near/on that date.

Its YOUR decision, but LOTS of people endup COVERING their bikes/themselves, with whatever xmas theme you like. Think Pixies riding Big-Ass Choppers, few 'Super-heroes' on Gixxers/Cbr1000s etc., Some are getn those 'Elmo' helmut covers, That sort of 'attention seeking' type stuff us Bikers LOVE??
Their can be litterally THOUSANDS of bikes, in the past 10-20k+ at the final meeting point.
So i hope u like 'riding with others'.

Check the link, letme know what colour Carnation (Outfit) youll be wearing, also keep n eye out for each other, get a shout-out/wave on each others channels?? ... oyrun-2013

DONT forget your donations of 'goodies' for em, TOYS/Blankets/Nappies/Canned or LONG-life foods etc.

Hope to see you their.
> : )

P.S Ho Ho Hoe's for all. I mean Merry Xmas :cool:
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