Loud pipes save lives


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Feb 24, 2019
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A decent loud pipe will only be heard if a rider is giving it the berry's and if they're giving it the berry's in a place where they actually need to be heard to decrease the chance of vehicle conflict, well they need to learn to ride safer. No rider should feel safer because of a loud pipe. I have the same opinion with high viz. Only ever used high viz riding gear in an official capacity as part of supplied riding kit. Other than that I rely on my own spidey senses :-D
So basically I don't rely on noise or visibility to survive, because that's leaving my safety in someone else's hands. I understand Lupin's comment about pedestrians also however, if I feel there's a chance of pedestrian collision I'm on the horn to wake 'em up from their zombie like phone trance.
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Jun 14, 2019
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I agree with everything that has been posted here. I am also a true believer that the Loud Pipes Save Lives is just an excuse for those that wish to rattle windows and break the law. It gives them justification for having Illegal and obnoxious straight header pipes. These are usually as someone pointed out That Guy in the neighborhood. This doesn't just apply to Bikes but Trucks and Cars as well. While they look and sound cool at low RPM, when revved up gets super annoying. With the direction of the all about me world common courtesy is almost non existent and That Guy doesn't care about anyone trying to sleep or watch TV.

Do I think that the regulations are a little too strict, maybe. Here in the US this is not a priority and is not enforced unless you catch an officer on a bad day. Because of this it is getting out of hand, Sport bikes with race exhausts and Harley's with straight pipes no baffles are just the tip of the iceberg and only during the summer months here. The problem is way worse than that.

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