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May 31, 2016
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Sup guys new rider here, just wondering how much truth there is in that saying.

I've already fallen/dropped a dirtbike going off-roading plenty of times etc, but never on the street yet (Not looking forward to it either).

Just curious if any veteran riders out there who have yet to have any accidents or spills while riding? (Knock on wood).


Jan 18, 2015
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If you are always pushing the limits, then there's a higher chance of crashing. It's not a must to crash, and sometimes it's not even your fault if you do (side swiped by a shitty cager for example).

If you are too occupied thinking if you are going crash, chances are, you are going to crash. Riding is already dangerous enough and you need your brain focused on riding, not worrying if you are going to crash or not.

Ride safe, safe ride!
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Feb 18, 2016
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I think it's just statistics. When you ride you put yourself out there. It's just like most cagers will get in to a crash at some point. It's just more likely with a bike. Every time you go out the chance of laying it down goes up.

Sure, you can go 50 years without a crash. Is it probable? Not really.

IMO the problem is people constantly repeating it. People don't get in to cars and constantly think about crashing. It's just normal. They aren't reminded about it. And I guarantee the math also says that probably 50x more cars crash (in the US) daily than bikes. So, the bottom line numbers would be scarier, but the percentage change of a bike crash is likely greater as there are more single vehicle bike crashes per rider than cars.

My opinion is as clear as mud it seems. Yes, you'll likely fall. But who cares? You'll get back up.


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Apr 8, 2016
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i crash all the time off road but i do allot of dumb shit.

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